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Testimonials From Our Clients

Choosing Mrs. Christopher as my attorney was the best decision I made. She handled my case above and beyond and in the end got everything I asked for, I couldn't more be happy with my outcome and having her by my side throughout this process. She has the most AMAZING staff. I HIGHLY recommend Mrs. Christopher as your attorney, she gets the job done.

Thanks, K

When I was looking for a divorce attorney, I wanted one that specialized in collaborative law.  I neede someone that would aggressively represent me but at the same time not push my case to an unnecessary, contested divorce.  Milena Christopher did just that.  She offered me great legal advice on how to deal with my case and we ultimately came to an agreement via mediation.  She helped me not only navigtae the process, but also focus on the most important issue - my child.  My experience with her entire firm was outstanding and I would highly recommend them.  When you need an attorney to get you through one of life's most difficult challenges, Milena Christopher is someone that you can trust.

C. C.

I have just completed legal services with the Milena Christopher Law firm for my divorce and I am very impressed with the way the entire process was handled. The professionalism and warm sense of hospitality mix made the situation much easier to cope with. The office staff, paralegals, and everyone associated with her company treat the client with such kindness and are very quick to return calls. They also were very quick to try to speed things along. I felt like they had my best interest at heart through the process. Highly recommend for any legal services needed that they provide.

Warmest regard,

TD, Driftwood

Getting divorced was one of the most unexpected and painful experiences in my life; however, being represented by Milena Christopher made it bearable. She is a kind, considerate and very ethical attorney.

Milena regularly suggested that I take high road--even though I didn't always want to. Milena was readily available to me at all hours of the night and day, even when she was on vacation. Her advice was invaluable; she made it clear to me, this was my divorce and she would do whatever I desired.

Milena endured two excruciating, full day mediations with me against a very difficult and disagreeable opposing counsel with grace. Her staff is courteous, helpful and accessible. I felt comfortable confiding in them.

I would highly recommend Milena Christopher to guide you through any of life's complexities.


What do I most appreciate?

Milena's is well respected in the legal community here, and she has built strong relationships with attorney peers, judges, and through volunteer work with non-profits. She was able to help me navigate the system.

How did her firm support you through a challenging time?

Milena appeared with me in probate court to get the documents I needed when my husband passed away unexpectedly. She really cares about her clients and it shows. It was a very difficult time, and she reduced my anxiety significantly.

Why would you recommend her services to others?

Most people don't know much about the law and it's very important to hire someone that will be caring, and yet tough enough to help you get the best outcome. Milena combines both those qualities, and that's why I do recommend her services to people I know.


"I have worked with Milena Christopher on the boards of directors of the Hays County Dispute Resolution Center and the Texas Association of Mediators; as a co-mediator of cases and a co-instructor of courses at the Hays County Dispute Resolution Center; and as an attorney representing clients in cases I have mediated. In each context, I have found Milena to be intelligent, analytical, creative, hard-working, patient and kind. She is a "total package" of professionalism and a first-rate colleague. I strongly recommend Milena to anyone who is considering using her services as an attorney or mediator."

Walter Wright, Attorney at Law, Mediator and Associate Professor, Texas State University

I highly recommend Milena Christopher. I have worked with Milena on several cases but got to know her better when we served together on the Board of Directors of our local Battered Women's Shelter. Milena has dedicated her life to helping others. She spends countless hours assisting women through the shelter. Milena is smart, honest, and tough. She doesn't go looking for a fight, like some over-aggressive family law attorneys do, but she won't shy away from a fight if it is a fight that needs to be done. I would send my own family members to her...need I say more?

Kevin Madison, Sexual Harassment Attorney in Austin, TX


Thank you for your excellent care and professionalism in helping me get divorced. All is well in my life!

With heartfelt appreciation,

If family problems arise, requiring you to deal with the TX legal system, you will need the best of legal guidance. Lacking legal knowledge or contacts left us open to shyster lawyers who could easily have taken us for a long, expensive, losing ride. Fortunately for us, a family friend advised us to see Milena Christopher.

On our first visit to see Milena, she advised us honestly that, as grandparents, Texas family law was not in our favor, and that it would be a tough battle...but we had to fight in the interest of what was best for our grandbabies. We often let our emotions get the best of us, but Milena always gently reined us in. Keeping on the path of winning, while not wasting money and effort, Milena brought in quality outside help in the form of psychological experts, creating a winning team for our side.
Yes, we won!! Good for Milena and her crew, good for us, but the biggest winners, and the ones we were all really working for, were the 2 grandbabies! Their joy at coming to Pappy and Mimi's house is beyond belief. Thanks for "making it right".

Lee and Robin G

To: "God's Legal Eagles"
The Law office of Milena Christopher
Dripping Springs, Texas

Milena and her team - my God-sent advocates,

I was so blessed by all of you with your love and support while I was going through a divorce. After my prayers, I am convinced God sent you to me with His perfect timing. Your compassion, caring, expertise and love for me was so genuine. You also helped me with the legal work needed to buy 40 acres of land, a truck and a trailer to live in. These all had a timeline to acquire and complications because of the divorce that was filed on me. Milena, to meet this timeline and work through these legal complications, you stayed in touch and with your prayers and encouragement, you worked during your vacation and several nights to prepare the documents needed to make sure I was safe and secure with the wording so I could acquire the 40 acres before the end of the year. Much of this was done under the rush of the Christmas holidays. Your team's words of support and compassion were such a blessing. May God bless you all and your firm for your devotion to me, your clients and for your strong faith in God.

Yours in Christ,
Bob Reesh
Spring Branch, Texas

Dear Milena,

John and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service that you have rendered to us. With your help, we both felt totally prepared for our case. The documents that you provided along with your legal expertise were the tools that we used to present an organized and professional defense, leading to a very successful outcome in court. As you are aware, the judge was quite impressed with John's presentation and positively commented on his overall preparation and professionalism. Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and share with you our successful outcome. We truly believe that without your assistance and guidance in this matter, we would not have been victors in this situation.

We would like you to know that you come highly recommended, and that if anyone we know is seeking legal counsel for a civil matter that we will not hesitate to point them in your direction.

Kimberly and John B.

When it was time for us to seek to become guardians for our adult children with disabilities we consulted with Milena Christopher to find out what the process was and how to get started. From the outset, Milena and her staff showed great sensitivity and concern for the welfare of our family. They did everything possible to make our experience pleasant, successful and as simple as possible. I felt that, at every turn, they showed us the utmost consideration and kindness while handling our case with professionalism and industry. I would highly recommend Christopher Law Firm based on our positive experience with them.



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