The Law Office of Milena Christopher Wins Best of Dripping Springs - 4th Year in a Row

Best Attorney Ribbon

"The Law Office of Milena Christopher is thrilled to be recognized as the "Best of Dripping Springs" for the fourth year in a row!  Our office is dedicated to serving the people in this area who need our services and we are honored by the continued support of our clients and our community." - Milena Christopher

Milena Christopher got her Masters Degree in Psychology Counseling before she decided to pursue Law School.  Her background in psychology has served her well in the practice of law.

Jemm Corona-Morris says, "She has a real gift when it comes to the way she connects with her clients, whom she supports and defends with a wealth of legal knowledge.  That makes her an incredibly unique and awesome attorney for her clients."

Jemm is Milena's legal assistant and helps with the coordination, correspondence, and intakes for clients.  Danielle Korns is the primary paralegal at the office.  She is sharp, thorough, and brings a lot of family law knowledge and experience to the team.  Milena's husband, Ken Christopher, manages the office, handles billing, and provides technology support.  The team has a familial bond and can often be heard backing it up with some family-like banter while working together.  The work can be hard, but when it's appropriate, a sense of humor goes a long way.

Milena also understands that, at some point, most people will need a family law attorney, whether it's for a marriage matter, adoption, probate, or just updating their wills.  The teams' approach is to be compassionate, experienced, nonjudgmental, and understanding.  Milena and her team are proud to be a part of the Dripping Springs community, and those connections are what brings out the best in their team and the work they do for the communities they serve.

Reproduced from the June 2019 Dripping Springs Century News.