The Law Office of Milena Christopher Makes Top 3 in Dripping Springs

The Law Office of Milena Christopher Makes Top 3 in Dripping Springs

The residents of Dripping Springs have once again rallied behind attorneys Milena Christopher and Allyssa B. Lee by voting The Law Office of Milena Christopher as a finalist for Best Attorney in Dripping Springs. We have made it to the Top 3 in the Attorney category each year since the competition began in 2016, and won it six years in a row!!  As a 2023 finalist, we absolutely look forward to our winning streak continuing!

Best of Dripping Springs 2016 to 2023

As the newest employee with The Law Office of Milena Christopher, a top attorney in Dripping Springs, it is my privilege to join a team which truly operates as a family, and that C.A.R.E.s about each other, their clients, and their community.  Since I started working with this team, I've learned some very important things about my legal colleagues:

  • They practice family law for residents of Hays and Blanco counties, from Dripping Springs to San Marcos to Johnson City, and everywhere in-between with sensitivity, professionalism, and thoroughness.
  • C.A.R.E. is not just a motto.  Our qualified attorneys and paralegals use Compassion, Advocacy, Responsiveness, and Experience as their guidelines for every unique case.
  • Milena Christopher's background as a lawyer who has earned a with Master's Degree in Psychology, allows her the unique perspective of helping clients minimize exposure to traumatic experiences often experienced in divorce and probate cases.
  • The Hays County law firm grows with their clients and community, evolving to their ever-changing needs, and creating a 360º relationship for over 20 years.


When you are being represented by an attorney in your legal matter, it is critical that the attorney-client relationship helps foster an atmosphere of protection, fierce advocacy, and care.  Some people feel that type of relationship is not as common as it used to be in legal practices.  From my personal experience, back when I lived in Ohio, it seemed to me lawyers were either cut-throat and wanted to go down the most expensive and traumatizing path of fighting - where winning was all that mattered, no matter the cost, or they were too passive and encouraged a settlement deal to avoid fights that should probably have been fought.

At The Law Office of Milena Christopher, each case is different and requires appropriate consideration to all factors that can affectof a divorce, adoption, mediation, child custody and visitation, or estate planning. This is why clients rave about the service they've received.

"Over the past few years, Milena and her team have supported my sister and me through our divorces. Although the challenges involved in each situation were quite different, there was never any doubt that the members of this law office could and would protect and guide us through these devastating experiences. Both my sister and I are much more secure and prepared to move forward in life because of the work of this legal team. In addition, they also helped me prepare my will at the start of COVID. As an older teacher, I wanted to make sure my affairs were in order in case anything should happen. They patiently and professionally supported me in the crafting of a will I am very pleased to have. In short, the efforts this group of professionals provides for their clients results in a sense of security and peace that is priceless." -- Kat M.

You may read more about what our clients have to say, or submit your own review today.


Being voted Top 3 in Dripping Springs in the legal category is a huge honor for our two full time attorneys - Miilena Christopher and Allyssa B. Lee. Whether traveling to Blanco Township to help an aging couple protect their land for future generations or being a trial lawyer for a contested divorce at the Courthouse in San Marcos, our attorneys are there for our clients.

Milena shared with me, "After 20 years in our own incredible city of Dripping Springs, being recognized once again by our own community is the greatest recognition we could hope to achieve. We love our town and we love our clients! It's an honor to serve Dripping Springs residents and I look forward to continuing our legacy of C.A.R.E. for our clients and their families."

Allyssa, the Firm's associate attorney has been a longtime Dripping Springs resident as well, and expresses her gratitude, "I'm so excited our firm is a finalist in the running for Best of Dripping Springs in the Attorney Category. The fact that we've been blessed with recognition while serving both our wonderful clients and our community makes this an even greater honor."


As support staff, we all play a part in this prestigious acknowledgement, and both Milena and Allyssa continually ensure we're appreciated, recognized, and know all our successes are a team effort.

Aliyah Escobedo will be graduating in May with her Associate Paralegal Degree and moving from primarily receptionist duties to handling paralegal duties, primarily in our family law division. She is known by clients for her happy demeanor.

Brea Black, well that's me, and I've been given the opportunity to support the amazing accomplishments of our attorneys through marketing initiatives and event planning. I don't have much direct contact with our clients, but do get to share their amazing reviews with our community.

Corey Bingham is our go-to-guy for all the in-betweens and he really enjoys learning on the job and growing his talent pool. Corey may be seen keeping our building maintained, supporting IT initiatives, or delivering documents to clients. We couldn't function without him!

Danielle Korns joined The Law Office of Milena Christopher in February 2019. She's recognized as our senior paralegal and master of keeping things running smoothly in the firm. Clients who benefit from working with Danielle know how detail-oriented she is and an incredible resource for legal details. She primarily works in our family law division and is expanding her knowledge deeper into Medicaid and veteran causes.

Katie Stratmann is also a Paralegal in our practice who primarily focuses on estate planning (including Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney) and probate cases. She is so passionate about helping people and being there to secure their futures that working among a team who truly treat their clients like family is a match made in heaven.

Ken Christopher supports the entire "family" by making sure our technology is always working and up to modern-day practice standards. He is also responsible for accounting and Human Resources, so everyone loves Ken, especially his wife, Milena, who takes joy in working beside him.


Vote today and help this incredible team reclaim the prestigious recognition of Best Attorney in Dripping Springs. This annual award is handed out by Dripping Springs News within dozens of categories, allowing businesses who represent the best in customer service, product/service offering, and creativity to be showcased. We are amongst a ton of winners!

The Law Office of Milena Christopher is a law firm in Dripping Springs, Texas that dedicates their time, resources, and talents to making our communities a better place. Whether we are seen around town at our favorite hot spots, volunteering with the Hill Country Senior Center or Hays Caldwell Women's Center, groundbreaking at Patriot's Hall, or advocating for your legal matter, we are putting C.A.R.E. into everything we do. Call or email us to discuss your pending legal needs.