Milena Christopher is Acknowledged as a Founding Sponsor by Patriot’s Hall Dripping Springs

The announcement below is from Patriot’s Hall in Dripping Springs recognizing Milena as a founding sponsor:

Please join us in recognizing the generosity of founding sponsor and local attorney, Milena Christopher. Milena’s appreciation for the military has deep roots. With a daughter who started her medical career in the Air Force and still serves as a “weekend warrior,” to a brother who was aLt. Commander and former Top Gun instructor in the Navy, support of the military is truly a family affair!

“There is no way we can even remotely begin to repay our military heroes for their service,” said Milena. “The best that most of us can do is offer them continual support throughout their lifetime and showing them our appreciation for their commitment. Our local heroes will have a place to get that support and appreciation every day once Patriots’ Hall opens!”

In addition to her financial donation, Milena also plans to donate her time and talent by providing legal advice to Veterans.

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