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Dripping Springs Collaborative Law Attorney

Maintaining Dignity and Mutual Respect in Divorce

At The Law Office of Milena Christopher in Dripping Springs, Texas, collaborative law is an increasingly important service we offer to our divorce clients.

Collaborative law is a relatively new method of alternative dispute resolution used to handle divorce disputes. It offers divorcing couples several advantages:

  • It is typically less costly
  • It is less time consuming
  • The facts of the dispute are not public record
  • The focus is on problem solving
  • It helps the parties to maintain their dignity
  • It is usually easier on family members, especially children

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Even when there is hurt, pain, betrayal and disgust, collaborative law can help keep the divorce process on an even keel long enough for the parties to reach a settlement agreement together with the assistance of their attorneys. It may even result in a "friendly divorce," preparing the parties to remain on respectful terms in future years.

Collaborative law is especially well suited to couples who are able to communicate and want to preserve a positive parenting relationship for the sake of their children. The process requires a level of trust and everything is open to discovery, including bank accounts and other assets. If needed, specialists can be brought it to help, for example, with financial or psychological issues.

One of the key reasons divorcing couples decide to try collaborative law is that judges do not make the ultimate decisions - the parties do.

Another key reason is time. The average collaborative law divorce takes 17 weeks to complete, compared to 17 months for the average litigated divorce!

Texas Hill Country Collaborative Law Group

Attorney Milena Christopher is a leading proponent of mediation and collaborative law and a co-founder of the Texas Hill Country Collaborative Law Group.

To learn more about the collaborative law movement, read her article on the subject: "Collaborative Divorce - A Win-Win Situation."

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